About Us

Ever heard of CliqClaq AIO? It's Sipla Media Corp's newest big thing! 🚀 Picture this: a multi-tier social media community right at your fingertips, where you can create, share, and enjoy fun videos, statuses, livestreams, and even chat with your friends. 💃🎵 Love dancing or lip-syncing? You'll love our vast catalogue of sound effects, music, AR filters, games & backgrounds. 🎤🎮 Sipla Media Corp invites you to take charge of your content. Set your own subscription prices, livestream, and sell your music, art, and video content at your chosen price point. 💰Make MORE PROFIT!💰 With us, you won't end up in social media jail. We respect the 1st Amendment and believe in your freedom to create without inhibiting your beliefs, ideas, or creativity. At Sipla Media Corp, we value you and your pockets. 🎨🎵🎥 Join us today! Give it a whirl and let your creativity shine with CliqClaq AIO. CliqClaq AIO, an all-in-one platform that brings people closer than ever before. Now, you can keep in touch with your Cliq by sharing statuses and photos, and your Cliq can interact by commenting, sending gifts, or expressing emotions through various reactions. But that's not all! We're committed to creating a safe environment for all users, especially our younger ones. With our 3-tier protection system, we ensure that children and adolescents are shielded from inappropriate content. Connect, share, and protect with CliqClaq AIO, brought to you by Sipla Media Corp.We're more than just an app, we're a community. Join us now! 🌐


Live stream (12 Co-hosts)

           -Private stream

-Stream tickets (Entry charge)

Audio stream (12 Co-hosts)


Face Off (Battle)

Top 100 (Per region)


Content creators get 60% cut of all proceeds. 

CliqClaq Gives (5% of all proceeds are given to a different charity thats users vote on every quarter)

Website login portal

3 Tiers

-Kids(12 & Under)

-General Audience(13y-17y)

-Adult Tier(18+ Only)

Virtual Gifting (Statuses, Videos and Lives)

Post Videos

Post Statuses

Duo (Duet other users) (NOT AVAILABLE AT MVP LAUNCH)

Patch (Add up to 15 seconds of another users video, anywhere in your video) (NOT AVAILABLE AT MVP LAUNCH)