About Us

CliqClaq AIO is a new all in one social platform currently in the final stages of development. CliqClaq AIO is the only social media platform that is built "By The People, For The People" and owned by it's users. Just normal people, like you and me. CliqClaq AIO is used to create and share fun content and chat with your friends. Much of the content shared is videos, that are music-based, with creators takng advantage of the app's vast catalogue of sound effects, music snippets, and AR filters & backgrounds to record short clips of them dancing and lip-syncing. There's an untold number of videos and other content to discover, with varying topics.  There are DIY and craft videos, comedic sketches, dancing,  you name it. Artists can set their own prices and sell their music, art & video content and make MORE PROFIT!!  Our belief is that our content creators should have the ability to create their content without our inhibiting their beliefs, ideas, creativity or pockets. Users now have the ability to keep in contact with their Cliq, by posting statuses and pics. Their Cliq can comment, send a little gift or even let them know how they feel with many different reacts.  CliqClaq AIO has a little of everything.. 


Live stream (12 Co-hosts)

           -Private stream

-Stream tickets (Entry charge)

Audio stream (12 Co-hosts)

Game/OBS Mode

Face Off (Battle)

Top 100 (Per region)

12 Languages at launch

Content creators get 60% cut of all proceeds. 

CliqClaq Gives (5% of all proceeds are given to a different charity thats users vote on every month)

Website login portal

3 Tiers

-Kids(12 & Under)

-General Audience(13y-17y)

-Adult Tier(18+ Only)

Virtual Gifting (Statuses, Videos and Lives)

Post Videos

Post Statuses

Duo (Duet other users)

Patch (Add up to 15 seconds of another users video, anywhere in your video)